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Xtreme Suds Car Wash

Xtreme Suds Car Wash

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Xtreme Suds Car Wash is an extremely versatile product for use in all vehicle washing applications. High-foaming surfactants, detergents, water softeners, and soil emulsifiers dissolve road film, oil, grease, and dirt while rinsing away with ease. The thick, decadent suds and a pH-neutral formula make Xtreme Suds Car Wash the ultimate way to wash your car. The concentrated formula produces more suds with less product and always rinses clean for a spot-free finish that won’t scratch or leave behind water spots.

Directions: Just add 2 ounces of XTREME SUDS CAR WASH to a clean bucket and fill it with water. Agitate water with pressure from the hose and watch the suds fill the bucket. Try Xtreme Suds Car Wash in a Foam Cannon! Simply add .5oz and fill with water!

  • Produces Thick Suds
  • pH Neutral
  • Can Be Used In Sunlight
  • Does Not Remove Existing Protection
  • Deep Purple Color & Grape Fragrance


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