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About Us

It all began for me when I got my first car 24 years ago. Still today detailing is a big part of my life and gives me time to think and disconnect from the world for a while. When I decided to share my passion with the world by starting a YouTube channel I didn’t know what to expect. Little did I know 3 short years later it would open the door for me to own my own business and sell detailing products. My goal is to sell detailing products and supplies that professionals and weekend warriors alike can enjoy.  If you decide to buy from my website, you're not only getting great products but I am standing by for any questions you may have. No matter your detail needs we are here to provide anyone with what they need to detail to the highest level!

You may be asking yourself what does “FAB” stand for and I have been asked this many times. Most people think it stands for “FABulous” but actually it is the first initial of my 3 kids' names.


P.O. Box 903 Greenfield IN 46140