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Complete Wheel & Tire Kit

Complete Wheel & Tire Kit

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This complete wheel and tire kit is all you need to clean your wheels and tires the traditional way or rinse less. The great thing about Extra Tough Wheel & Tire Cleaner is you can use without water.  You spray it directly on the tires with the spray bottle and use the supplied brush to agitate then dry with the supplied towel. To clean the wheels you spray on and gently wipe with the other towel until clean. Lastly you follow it up with Longevity tire shine on the provided applicator and allow a few minutes to dry. Once dry the vehicle can be driven and there will be no sling.

**Always test in an inconspicuous area first before using Wheel & Tire Cleaner**


Kit includes:

1- Extra Tough Wheel and Tire Gallon

1- Spray bottle with Chemical resistant sprayer

1- 16oz Longevity Tire Shine

1- Sidewall Brush

2- Edgeless Utility Towels

1- Crescent Tire Shine Applicator

MSRP $62.45