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Total Release Odor Eliminator (Berry-Licious)

Total Release Odor Eliminator (Berry-Licious)

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Powerful odor destroyer combats smoke and fire odors, skunk and animal smells, mustiness... any annoying odor regardless of source. Lock-down tip makes it easy to use as a fogger for up to 6,000 cu. ft. or as a spot deodorizer.    5.0oz


Directions This container effectively deodorizes 6,000 cubic feet of space. For less then 6,000 cubic feet do not empty entire contents.

  • Eliminate all ignition sources such as pilot lights etc..
  • Place can on a raised surface
  • Spread paper under can to protect area directly below nozzle
  • Turn cap upside down and lock down-this will start the fogging action
  • Leave area immediately
  • Leave treated space undisturbed for 1 hour
  • After treatment allow to ventilate for 30 minutes