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The Hydra Rinseless Wash 16oz

The Hydra Rinseless Wash 16oz

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Regenerate Your Paint!

The Hydra Rinseless Wash is the newest innovation from Phoenix E.O.D.! This incredible rinseless wash not only saves timeand money, but also a ton of water by allowing you to wash your vehicle from a single bucket! The Hydra Rinseless Wash is specially formulated with advanced emulsifying technology that gently, yet effectively, traps dust, dirt, and grime, pulling it away from your vehicle’s surface leaving behind a vibrant, streak-free finish! Washing your vehicle has never been easier or more efficient! The Hydra Rinseless Wash is safe and effective on ALL exterior surfaces – painted surfaces, glass, canvas, plastic, trim, metal and rubber!


Directions for use:

The Hydra Rinseless Wash is highly concentrated, giving you more out of each bottle. Shake Well Before Use.

The Hydra’s primary application is a rinseless wash. Simply add an ounce for each gallon of water in your bucket. For an average sized vehicle all you need is 2-3 gallons of solution. Simply soak a wash mitt or plush microfiber towel in the solution, and you’re ready to wash your vehicle! Once you have cleaned an area, follow up with a dry microfiber towel to clean off any excess solution.

The Hydra can also be used as a waterless wash. Dilute 1 ounce per 128 ounces (1 gallon) of water to use as a waterless wash. Working one panel at a time, spray a liberal amount of diluted Hydra directly onto the panel and wipe clean using a soft microfiber towel. Flip and switch towels often as you work your way around the entire vehicle.

The Hydra can also be used as a clay bar lubricant. Dilute 1 ounce per 128 ounces (1 gallon) of water to use as a super slick clay lubricant. It’s a fantastic value! If you don’t feel comfortable at this dilution ratio, or it’s just not slick enough for you, simply add more Hydra until it does. The important thing is to be safe and have fun!

  • This rinseless wash saves tons of water and time by allowing you to wash your car from a single bucket. . . no hose, no rinsing, no hassle.
  • Advanced emulsifier technology that gently traps dirt and dust
  • 1 ounce makes 1 gallon of wash
  • Will not strip away existing wax basecoat
  • Cleans Multiple Types of Vehicles and Surfaces: glass, plastic, metal, rubber, or even leather interiors on cars, trucks, RVs, golf carts, and more.
  • Can also be used as a clay bar lubricant
  • A Wash for All Seasons: Wash the road salt off your vehicles comfortably inside a garage during the wintertime with minimal wet mess; conserve water during summer droughts.
  • Great for removing pollen, bird droppings, and all sorts of light contaminates without damaging your paints surface!