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Magna Shine Light Cut Detail Clay 200g

Magna Shine Light Cut Detail Clay 200g

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Magna Shine Detail Clay easily and safely removes environmental contaminants like: rail dust, paint overspray, industrial fallout, tree sap, bug residue, tar and road grime. Use Light Cut clay for light to medium contamination. Use again and again. Use clay with a designated clay lubricant. Plain water is not an adequate lubricant. Non-sticky formulation avoids residue transfer to painted surface and users hands. No sticky hands!

  • Professional Grade
  • Easy to Use
  • Non-Sticky
  • Easy to Form

Storage Container Not Included. Container Available for Purchase.


  • Thoroughly wash vehicle free of dust, sand, dirt, and other loose contaminants.
  • Working in a small area, spray clay lubricant directly onto painted surface.
  • Mold clay bar into a pancake shape.
  • Using light pressure, rub the Magna Shine clay back and forth in a "cut the grass" pattern.
  • Repeat pattern until you can feel that the surface is contaminant free.
  • Wipe or hose away the clay lubricant and dry using a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Rinse clay bar frequently during use to avoid contaminant build up on the surface of the bar. 
  • Knead clay into a fresh surface periodically during use as well.
  • For best results use clay on a cool surface and never in direct sunlight.
  • Store in clamshell package between uses.


If dropped on ground. clay bar can pick up grit and grime that will likely cause scratches in paint if used afterwards. Do not use on paint that is fresh or not fully cured. As with any chemical or abrasive, always test in an inconspicuous area prior to treating entire vehicle. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. THIS IS NOT A TOY.