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Freedom Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Kit
Freedom Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Kit
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Freedom Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Kit

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The Freedom Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Kit contains everything you need to apply and maintain Freedom Motorcycle Ceramic Coating. Kit includes Freedom Motorcycle Coating, Bear Arms SiO2 Spray Detailer 8oz., micro suede applicator and insert with directions. You save $5.48 with this kit versus buying individually. 

Freedom Motorcycle Coating is an advanced coating for all motorcycle surfaces (excluding leather). It can be used on paint, including Denim paint, chrome, vinyl, wheels, windshields, and plastic headlights/taillights. The coating delivers excellent hydrophobic properties and protects from UV rays, while making cleaning easier by repelling dirt, and bird bombs and making it harder for bugs to stick. When maintained properly, this coating will protect your cherished ride for up to 5 years.

Freedom works great on cars and trucks too!


  • Self-Cleaning Properties
  • Incredibly Hydrophobic
  • Keeps Surfaces Cleaner Longer
  • Makes Cleaning a Breeze
  • Multi Surface Application
  • Tested to 1000F.

How to use Freedom Coating:

  1. Wash motorcycle to remove bugs, tar etc.
  2. Clay mechanically and chemically (if needed)
  3. Compound Paint (if needed)
  4. Polish paint
  5. IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe to remove compound/polish residue.
  6. Working 1 section at a time apply coating in crosshatch overlapping pattern.
  7. Allow to rainbow for up to 2 minutes then buff off with 2 towels. Replace towels as they get saturated.
  8. Allow 12hrs min. 24hrs preferred before topping with Bear Arms SIO2 Spray Detailer
  9. After 24hrs you are ready to ride and enjoy the FREEDOM of the road.


Bear Arms SiO2 Spray Detailer provides a quick and efficient way to maintain the cleanliness and protection of vehicle surfaces. It's particularly useful in between washes to keep the vehicle looking well-maintained. SiO2 Spray Detailer has been specifically formulated to work in tandem with Freedom Motorcycle Coating. Bear Arms can be use on dry surfaces or as a drying aid after washing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans and Protects: Bear Arms Spray Detailer is designed to gently remove contaminates such as dust, fingerprints and bird droppings from the surface a vehicle or other surfaces.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Bear Arms incorporates sophisticated SiO2 hybrid ceramic protection. SiO2 (silicon dioxide) is a type of ceramic coating known for its durability and water-repellant properties.
  • Easy to Use: Bear Arms is user friendly allowing for easy application by spraying on the surface and wiping off. This makes it convenient for quick cleaning and protection.
  • Enhances Protection: In addition to cleaning Bear Arms enhances the protection of waxed, coatings and sealants that may have been previously applied to the surface.
  • Achieve a Just Washed Look: Bear Arms helps achieve a freshly washed appearance by gently removing light and fresh contaminates between regular washes. This prevents contaminates from bonding to the surface over time.

Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Always test in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Apply to a clean cool surface avoiding direct sunlight or hot panels.
  • Spray directly on surface or into a microfiber towel.
  • Spread across the surface with microfiber towel then immediately turn to dry side of towel to buff off.

Store at room temperature and keep product from freezing.

FAB Detail Supplies is not responsible for environmental conditions once order has shipped. Is not recommended to order Bear Arms with ambient temperatures below 40 degrees. FAB Detail Supplies is not responsible once package leaves facility and courier has possession.