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Extra Tough Cleaner Degreaser
Extra Tough Cleaner Degreaser

Extra Tough Cleaner Degreaser

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Extra Tough Cleaner Degreaser is one of those products that after you use it once you are hooked. It is extremely versatile with dilution ratios as high as 32:1. I like to use it at 5:1 to clean tires, wheel wells and engine bays. I use it at 15:1 and sometimes 7:1 depending on how bad the stains are to clean carpet and upholstery. In my YouTube video it helped me remove dried on nail polish easily with a brush. Lastly, I have a 32:1 bottle I will use for quick clean-ups on the interior when I don't need a heavy-duty cleaner. 

Extra Tough is a readily biodegradable non-abrasive alkaline cleaner.


Extra Tough can be diluted to suit your cleaning needs so you can save money. Here are a few ways Extra Tough can be diluted:

32:1=General Cleaning 

20:1= General Cleaning

15:1= Upholstery Stains, Synthetic Carpet and Pre-wash

7:1 =Bug Removal, Pre-wash, Tires

5:1 =Heavier Cleaning uses, Tough Dried on Bugs, Engines, Tires, Grime

3:1 = Tough Grime 

2:1 = Tough Grime, Wax removal

1:1 = Wax and Sealant removal

Full Strength = FAST Super Cleaning Power. Full Strength is SAFE on Most Surfaces! It can be sprayed on and wiped off! 

Extra Tough is very versatile and can be diluted to suit your cleaning needs! It maintains considerable power even when diluted which makes it an economical choice for consumers. 

Product description and Directions: 

Extra Tough has 1,000's of uses! Extra Tough Multipurpose Cleaner Degreaser is an ultra-concentrated, readily biodegradable cleaner that easily removes the bond of dirt, grease, and grime to make your cleaning more efficient and thorough. It can remove tough stains and is safe to use EVEN ON GLASS! Extra Tough will not etch glass or clear coat. It is an excellent product for house cleaners, auto detailers, and for tough industry cleaning. It can be used as an all-in-one cleaner for most cleaning jobs because…it cleans just about anything!

Extra Tough is safe on most surfaces. Before using, always pre-test on a small inconspicuous area to see if it is compatible with what you are trying to clean. Spray dilution ratio, then scrub with a cloth, sponge, or non-abrasive brush. Wipe Clean or wash off with water.

When using on a vehicle, apply to a cool surface and rinse product off with water. This is not intended to be a rinse-less car wash. Rinsing the vehicle with water will insure a bright clean surface to apply waxes or sealants.

Extra Tough will remove non-chemically resistant sealants. If you DO NOT want to remove a sealant etc... Extra Tough is not recommended for NON-CHEMICALLY RESISTANT waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings as it may remove them over time if used as a pre-wash on a regular basis. However, if you want to remove them, then use full strength or a 1:1 dilution ratio of Extra Tough.

Extra Tough will remove sticky tape residue, wax, fabric guard sealants, and loosen glue. For best long-term results, reapply conditioners, wax, or fabric guard sealants after use. 

Always pre-test Extra Tough on Aluminum as it may spot or make Aluminum brighter. 

Extra Tough contains biodegradable ingredients and is a non-abrasive cleaner/degreaser. If Extra Tough dries on a surface before wiping it off, simply wet it with water to remove any residual. Since Extra Tough does not etch glass or clear coats, it makes it a user-friendly product for the end user, pro or novice. 

Precautions:  Precautionary Statements:  Spray in a well-ventilated area.  Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when spraying large amounts of fine mist.  For skin irritation, rinse area with water and wash with a vinegar rinse for immediate relief.  Seek medical attention if irritation persists.  Do not ingest or drink.  Move to fresh air if breathing becomes difficult.  If not breathing, give artificial respiration and contact 9-1-1 or your national health service.  If eye exposure, remove any contact lenses, rinse immediately with cool water for fifteen minutes, then seek medical attention.  Possible carbon monoxide gas from very intense heat in a structural fire.  Dispose according to local, state, and federal laws.

For Personal use: Extra Tough is a non-abrasive alkaline cleaner. Contains Water, Surfactants, and Alkaline.

CAUTION Keep out of reach of Children and Animals 

Caution: Contains alkaline detergent. Do not take internally! Do not drink. If swallowed, drink 2 to 3 glasses of milk or water and contact physician immediately. Do not induce vomiting to protect lungs. Do not get in the eyes. If sprayed in the eyes, wash with water for 15 minutes and call a physician if you are experiencing any issues. Eyes: Rinse immediately with cool fresh water for fifteen (15) minutes. Call physician if irritation persists. Inhalation: Vapors from boiling or fine mist solution may irritate mucous membrane. Wear mist mask for fine mist. Possible Carbon Monoxide Gas from Very Intense Heat may occur in a Structural Fire.

External: Possible skin irritant. Flood with water and wash with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for safe immediate relief.  


Manufacture: Extra Tough LLC and or its distributors are not responsible for any use or misuse of this product. Please use all chemicals with responsible care because you are responsible. Mix only with water. 

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