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LVR357 Magnum Wax

LVR357 Magnum Wax

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Magnum Wax is a breakthrough in technology that introduces a new dimension of gloss and protection. This new formula produces deep, vibrant colors and a clear, wet look. LVR 357 Magnum Wax’s advanced formula of 5 different types of resins, provides outstanding water beading and protection against corrosion, oxidation UV-rays, and surface containments. The amino-resin reinforced acrylic formula builds incredible protection and reduces surface tension. Water beads up and sheets off the paint finish for over 6 months!  LVR 357 Magnum Wax “blows away” old-school and traditional toppers and waxes!

Directions For Use:

Clean and wash your vehicle the way you normally would; (e.g. wash, clay, paint correct, etc.). BEFORE applying LVR 357 Magnum Wax, however, prep your vehicle’s panels using a solvent-based body-prep or IPA to completely and totally remove any residues, waxes, greases, or anything else that may be hiding on the surface.


Apply 3 to 4 small pea-sized drops evenly across a light cut to an ultra-finishing pad (depending on what you are trying to accomplish). LVR 357 Magnum Wax can “clean” very minor paint imperfections when used in conjunction with a light cutting pad. For an unparalleled shine, use LVR 357 Magnum Wax with an ultra-finishing pad. “cross-hatch” each section and wait a moment for the panel to “flash”. Wipe down the area with a clean microfiber towel to a brilliant and dazzling gloss!


With a clean microfiber cloth or microfiber wax applicator pad, liberally apply LVR 357 Magnum Wax, panel by panel, in a long crosshatch pattern. Wait for the wax to “flash” and then remove using a clean microfiber towel. It’s that easy!

Flash times for most waxes are usually very temperature-dependent. If the temperature is colder out, it will take longer for the wax to flash. If the weather is warmer out, it will flash much faster.

In regard to LVR 357 Magnum Wax, in particular, Magnum Wax is extremely rich in solids. Therefore, in colder temperatures, it may take even longer.

If we use 65 degrees to 85 degrees as our “control temperature range”, LVR 357 Magnum Wax should take 10 to 15 minutes to flash, and then you can buff it off. If the ambient temperature is colder than 65 degrees, Magnum Wax will take longer to flash, and if the temperature is warmer than 85 degrees Magnum Wax will flash faster. Magnum Wax is not going to harden up like carnauba wax and may remain slightly tacky as the wipe-down process happens.

FYI: LVR 357 Magnum Wax takes a full 24 to 48 hours to fully cure. Don’t hit it with any detergents or cleaners before Magnum Wax has had time to cure completely.

  • STAGE 4
  • VOC compliant
  • Is NOT Body Shop Safe